Product Overview

The Hofmann geodyna 2600 premium wheel balancer is designed for multi-bay repair shops and professional tire stores that require maximum speed and accuracy. The geodyna 2600 takes advantage of our patented Virtual Plane Measurement (VPM) technology and features Hidden Spoke Placement (HSP) and Operator Selectable Positioning (OSP) balancing modes. The geodyna 2600 also features semi-automatic entry of wheel diameter and distance, and automatic wheel weight indexing. This time-saving feature rotates the tire automatically to the correction location.

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Semi-Automatic Parameter Entry

Use the geodata gauge arm to quickly and accurately capture wheel distance and diameter, and also to place tape weights behind spokes or on the inside edge of the wheel.

Inner Geodata Gauge Arm Measures Wheel Distance and Diameter Inner Geodata Gauge Arm also places tape weights behind spokes or on inner edge of wheel
Inner Geodata Gauge Arm Measures Wheel Distance and Diameter Inner Geodata Gauge Arm also places tape weights behind spokes or on inner edge of wheel

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Unsurpassed Accuracy

Improved balancing technology has 512 precise weight positions, twice as many than other brands. Special "User-Calibration" calibrates balancer in two easy steps, guaranteeing accuracy.

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Ten Balancing Modes

The geodyna 2600 series is equipped with ten different balancing modes, five alloy modes, two hidden weight, "Pro-Match" tire/wheel matching, dynamic and static to handle most wheel applications.

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HSP/OSP Weight Placement

Patented Hidden Spoke Placement allows the operator to hide correction weights behind the spokes on expensive wheels that have no outer flange. Patented Operator Selectable Positioning allows the operator to select the correction location by wheel design.

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Centering Cone Range 1.625" - 4.5"
Shaft Diameter 40 mm
Measuring Speed 200 rpm
Maximum Wheel Width 21"
Maximum Wheel Diameter 30"
Maximum Tire Diameter 44"
Maximum Wheel and Tire Assembly Weight 150 lbs.
Motor 1 HP (acceleration HP)
Cycle Time From 6 seconds
Read-Outs Gram or Ounce
Accuracy 1g or 0.05 oz
Balancing Modes 10
Dimensions (DxWxH) 62"x52"x58"
Shipping Weight 400 lbs.
Power Requirements 120V, 1Ph, 60HZ


Standard Accessories

Part Number Description
EAM0005D23A Automotive Cone (1.65" - 3.03")
EAM0005D24A Automotive Cone (2.83" - 3.90")
EAM0005D25A Automotive Cone (3.78" - 4.57")
6415899 ZipLock Ring-Nut
EAC0058D07A Pressure Cup
EAC0058D15A Soft Protective Ring
EAM0005D40A Calibration Tool
EAM0006G01A Storage Pegs
00058839000 Weight Pliers
EAA0247G21A Wheel Width Gauge

Optional Accessories

Part Number Description
EAK0221J31A 7 Cone Kit (1.7" - 6.3")
8100068 Light Truck Cone Kit for ½, ¾ & 1 Ton (4.25" - 6.85")
2401776 Truck Cone Kit for ¾ and 1 Ton (7.7" - 8.75")
8100006 Universal Front-Mount Lugnut Adapter (3, 4, 5, 6, and 8-stud)
8100007 Universal Rear-Mount Lugnut Adapter (3, 4, 5, 6, and 8-stud)
2402262 80 mm Truck Studs (Set of 5. Requires 8100006)
2402263 70 mm Standard Studs (Set of 5. Requires 8100006)
2402265 80 mm Porsche Studs (Set of 5. Requires 8100006)
2402266 73 mm Spring-Loaded Studs (Set of 5. Requires 8100006)
6411408 ZipLock Quick-Nut
6415368 8" Alloy Pressure Cup
2400551 Motorcycle Balancing Kit. Includes:
2000561 Harley-Davidson ¾" Shaft Kit with 1" Adapters (Requires 2400551)
35-7805 1" Shaft Kit for Wide Wheels, 14" Long (Requires 2400551)
2003263 Ducati Wheel Adapter (Requires 2000561 and 2400551)
2001355 Honda VFR Wheel Adapter Kit (Requires 2400551)
2001140 BMW Wheel Adapter Kit (Requires 2400551)
EAK0257G76A ATV/Quads/Golf Cart Centering Kit
EAK0221J84A Clad Wheek Kit